Google Search By Images

Magnifying Glass2Searching the web with Google has just gotten a lot easier. Google announced that they are releasing a desktop version of their very popular mobile feature, Search By Image.

Originally, Search By Image used a camera on a mobile device to scan an image, then it would perform a search to find images or information that was relevant to the image scanned. It can recognize branding efforts, text featured in images and even some objects and it create a series of search results that includes similar images. This feature was combined with the Google Voice search tool, which used voice recognition software to create search results. These features were included in the Google Mobile application, which was widely accepted amongst mobile search users.

Ways to Search on a Desktop

To compliment their mobile application’s success, Google is now making their Search By Image function available to desktop users. If you want to use Search By Image, you have 4 different ways to search. You can copy and paste the URL of the image, upload the image from your desktop, drag and drop the image into the search box or you can use one of the extensions that are available for Firefox or Chrome. You can take any image off of the web or off of your own computer and use it to search for similar images or information. It can be very useful for things like identifying an animal that you have found in your backyard, finding the name of an artist that painted a picture that you really enjoy and or even searching a brand image to find out more information on a business.

Reinforce Your Branding Efforts

That’s right; this type of technology can actually help you reinforce your branding efforts online. If a customer sees one of your online advertisements and sees a picture of your brand, they could copy the picture, save it or even just drag it over to a Google Search By Image search bar to find more information on your business. Our Internet marketing firm knows that all it takes is one image of your logo, and you could potentially attract sales prospects. Utilizing this type of feature can take your branding efforts from something you designed to keep your business’ name fresh in the minds of consumers to an actual pathway for consumers that could lead them to information that turns them into your loyal customers.

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