Google Revamps Places Pages

google-placesGoogle Places is a great place for businesses to connect with local customers. It acts as an online directory that can provide consumers with the contact and location information they need to find any type of business they are looking for in their area.

It can be a very effective tool that businesses can use to expand their customer base and increase their sales for their physical locations, because it gives search engine users the opportunity to view local listings before the standard search results for keywords that appear to be geographically sensitive.

As the popularity of Google Places increased, the demand for better functionality became more apparent. That is why Google recently launched a series of improvements for this feature.


For starters, our Internet marketing firm knows Google is focusing more on collecting consumer reviews that will give users more insight on the quality of your products and services. Their goal is to encourage your former customers to write a review on your business by including a more attention grabbing “Write A Review” button at the top of their page listings. This will hopefully make it easier for users to leave reviews, which will provide search users with the information they need to choose your business confidently.

To better accommodate Google users, Google has removed all third party reviews from directories like Yelp and is only featuring reviews that have been specifically written by other Google users. This is expected to create a more inclusive community amongst Google users because they will become more dependent on each other for information. As an Internet marketing firm, we know this will also create a feeling of security, because users will know that the reviews they are reading are directly from a trusted source.

As Places continues to evolve, Google has already set its sights on including more comprehensive rating systems and more personalized results. They are also hoping to synchronize the Google Places pages with their Google+ social media platform. This means giving businesses the chance to create profiles on Google+ that will allow them to connect with people and create a social network.

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