Google Instant Pages

Google LogoGoogle Chrome users can now take advantage of a new feature that will help them search much faster. Google has launched a new tool, called Instant Pages, which is expected to improve the way search results are loaded for users. It’s a fast-moving piece of technology that uses prediction based programs to customize and improve the search experience for Google users.

How It Works

It uses a highly developed algorithm to predict which link an individual will select on their search results page, and pre-renders it, even before the link is clicked on. When Google Instant Pages is confident that the first link that is featured on the search listings is the link that you are going to choose, it automatically starts to load the page, so that when you do eventually click it, it instantly is ready for you to explore. It will drastically reduce load time, because Google will begin to load the site’s page before a user even selects it. In a video Google released about the new feature, Instant Pages was able to reduce load times by as much as 7 seconds.

Instant Pages will increase the overall user experience, which will reaffirm Google’s loyal fan base of why they choose one of the biggest names on the web when they search. It’s also only available through Google Chrome, so this might be something that could convert users who are loyal to their preferred web browser to try out Chrome. Google is piggybacking these features with Chrome so they can expand their amount of regular Chrome users, which will give them a competitive edge against web browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. If this feature catches on, it could help Chrome build momentum.

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