Google Commerce Search

Magnifying-Glass3In an attempt to make it simpler for online retailers to provide their customers with an easier way to search through their product selection, Google has released a new version of its already popular Commerce Search. The overall goal of this product is to act as a supplement to an E-commerce site that is featured on a retail website. It was designed to make searching through all of a retailer’s listings much quicker, so that consumers can find exactly what they are looking for without much hassle.

How It Works

Commerce Search 2.0 allows retailers to classify the products on their E-commerce site by specific details, pricing, colors, size…basically any variable that a retailer would want to use to distinguish the differences between what they offer. It is a completely customizable program that can be utilized in large variety of applications. It delivers the same speed, relevance and user friendliness as searching for something on Google, but it is completely localized to your E-commerce site. Online consumers will have the ability to visit your online store and find what they are interested in purchasing, fast.


The program comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that permits site administrators to control how their products are classified, how search results appear and even the rankings of the search results when certain keywords are applied. There is also an available feature that lets you set the ranking rules of your E-commerce search results, which can allow you to set the search results for queries based on product groups, prices or descriptions.

Promotion Option

If you are interested in boosting sales on your site in a short amount of time, the program features a time-sensitive promotion option that allows you to set discounted pricing or other promotional inclusions, like free shipping, for a designated amount time. This will eliminate some of the complications that are usually involved with “limited window of opportunity” sales tactics.

Query Autocompletion

Included in the set of standard features for Commerce Search 2.0 is the Query Autocompletion function on your E-commerce sites’ search bar. This function creates a more enjoyable experience for users, because they will no longer have to completely type in what they are searching for. They can start to type in what they are interested in purchasing and a drop down menu with suggested search queries will appear instantly.

Overall, Commerce Search 2.0 is going to give retailers all over the world the means to simplify their E-Commerce sites so that their customers can find what they want without the complications that can be involved with searching. Businesses everywhere will have the means to give their E-commerce sites the power of Google, one of the world’s most renowned search engines. Your customers will be able to locate what they want and purchase your products with the ease of use they deserve.

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