Google Chrome’s Interface

Chrome LogoSecurity and usability are usually the most prominent priorities when users choose their preferred web browser. They (along with our Internet marketing firm members) want a browser they can trust that delivers an enjoyable experience and encourages them to actively explore what the web has to offer. As users become more adapted to the functionality of the Internet, it is also becoming apparent that they are interested in experimenting with a variety of different types of web browsers that deliver more inclusive features.

Where Microsoft’s Internet Explorer once had a stronghold as the most popular web browser available, browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome began to really entice users to explore their options. With this insurrection of new browsers came a more distinguished consumer demand. Suddenly, browsers couldn’t just deliver information from the web to win user favor. They needed to supply users with features that made exploring the web safer and more appealing.

Improving Usability

In order to draw in a larger stake of users, Google’s Chrome has made some key adjustments that are expected to improve the usability of their web browser. For starters, Chrome offers users a settings interface, which allows you to customize your settings quickly. The interface even provides you with a search feature that will locate the setting you are trying to adjust, faster then ever. If a user needs to provide a friend or family member with help adjusting their settings, the browser operates on links that lead directly to a setting’s location, much like URL’s operate.

Another very significant feature that Chrome is offering users is called “Sandboxing.” Sandboxing was developed to improve the security function of the browser. The way it works is that each individual tab that you use when you are searching the web is treated like its own individual sandbox. If for some reason your computer is attacked by malicious software, Google’s sandbox will localize it to one tab in their web browser; as opposed to letting it spread to other windows you have open. This will better protect your computer and the important information that you have stored on it.

The Importance of User Experience

At our Internet marketing firm, we know user experience is important. The experience a browser delivers is the cornerstone to its design. When a browser is easy to use and provides users with unmatchable security, they will undoubtedly choose it over other available options. Google kept this in mind when they updated Chrome. The improvements they have made will surely attract new users to become more loyal to their web browser.

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