Google Caffeine

Google CaffeineGoogle’s dedication to creating a search engine that better serves its users is ever growing and ever developing. Recently, they have allowed developers all over the world the chance to test their newest experiment, Google Caffeine, which was designed to provide users a search engine experience that was faster, easy-to-use, and delivered more accurate search results. There have been multiple speculations from experts in the search engine industry that Google Caffeine will be available for mainstream use somewhere towards the beginning of 2010.

Not a First

Google is constantly adjusting their algorithms as they continue to gain momentum. This isn’t the first time they have released an update that has been constructed to make search results faster and more accurate. Their first notable reformation updates were in 2003 when Google released “Boston”, “Florida” and “Esmeralda”, 2005 when they released “Bourbon” and in 2006 when “Big Daddy” was released. Since then we haven’t seen any major changes to the algorithm until Google Caffeine.

Google’s new reformation is expected to make a large impression on the search world by promising users search results that are more relevant and much faster. In fact, some developers who actually got to experience the search engine have reported that they have received search results returned to them at double the speed. Granted, it is a matter of hundredths of a second, but providing users with the fastest search results has always been what Google has always strived to do. It is also expected to assist websites to load and reload faster when the search engine is transferring a user from its results page to another site. Google is doing this to promote environmentally conscious living, because the less time it takes a site to load means less energy used in the process.

When Google decides to release Caffeine to the general public, it is sure to make a substantial impact on the search engine world. The overall result will be a better search engine experience for users all across the world. If Google Caffeine delivers the type of results Google has predicted, they will have no problem keeping their number one position as the most popular search engine on the web.

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