Google Adds Company Logos to Maps

Google LogoAt our Internet marketing firm, we know branding is crucial for the success of any business. Whether you are a chain of restaurants in the Midwest or you are a custom jewelry maker in New York City, having people recognize your branding efforts and associate your business with quality and outstanding service is very important if you want to be the flagship of your industry. When people can quickly identify your brand and want to purchase your products or services, the sky is the limit of your success.

Google is an icon in the business world that realizes how important branding can be for businesses that are interested in maintaining and improving their success. Everywhere you turn on the web, it is likely that you will find candy-colored letters that let you know that you have entered the domain of one of the largest, most powerful search engines in internet history. As a consumer, their branding efforts have put you at ease about their credibility. As a contender in the marketing world (like our Internet marketing firm), their branding efforts have filled you with immense bouts of jealousy and a “Why can’t my business be that recognizable?” attitude.

Improve Your Branding with Logos

Well, Google has set out to help other businesses improve their branding by allowing them to include their logos on Google Maps. Now, when a user is viewing Google Maps from their home computer or mobile Internet device, they will not only see the name of your business and its location, they will also see your logo. This is a huge development for businesses that are trying to build a rapport with local customers. It not only reinforces your branding efforts, it makes your customers more inclined to purchase from you again.


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