How to Go From Founder to CEO

As an entrepreneur, you know how much work it takes to create a successful business; from choosing a location to hiring employees to finalizing your list of products or services, you’ve spent a lot of time building the foundation for your company. Since your company is now off the ground, however, it’s time for you to move from founder to CEO. Here’s how:

Create a dependable team.

Sure, you may have your senior of operations, your senior of sales, your senior of finances, etc., but they’re most likely operating individually and not as a team. In order to be a CEO, you need to build these employees into a dependable team that can work together to make important decisions you can trust.

Be careful who you hire

Being in charge of managers is much different than being in charge of doers, so when you hire managers, make sure they have enough managerial experience to run with your ideas and make things happen. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time.

Make the best use of your time

Speaking of time… as a CEO, your time is more valuable than as a founder, so consider the things you’re working on – are they the best way to spend your time? Could you be doing something more productive? Step outside your viewpoint and think, “If I were paying this employee $1,000 an hour, would I believe they’re doing work worth that much money?”

Change your goals

When you’re a founder, you strive for goals like investments, the right workers, a great sales pitch, etc. When you’re a CEO, however, you need to set goals for the company like quarterly proceeds, product deadlines, salaries, etc. Make sure you shift into the mindset of a CEO and realize that the goals you set are going to be different.

Act like a CEO

While this may seem pretty obvious, it’s common for entrepreneurs to stay in their “free” ways. Many entrepreneurs strive to create their own business because they want the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Once their business is off the ground and they transition to CEO, many can’t let go of this freedom and will stride into meetings late, take too many days off, and look at the job with a “do what I want” attitude. A CEO needs to abide by the rules just like his/her employees – not only will you set a good example, you’ll have a better chance at running your business with success.

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