Firefox 4 Receives 9 Million Downloads in One Day

FirefoxFirefox has only been available for a little over seven years, but it has quickly become a fan favorite among online users (including some of our digital marketing firm experts). Through its time spent serving the users of the internet world, Firefox has grown to be one of the biggest names in web browsers. It has provided people with world-class functionality, ease of use and an overall enjoyable web experience.

Tools and Features

Another part of what made Firefox so popular is its ability to evolve and include useful tools into its browsing experience. Firefox has adapted to utilize the newest features and has tailored itself to accommodate the hottest trends in the online world and users have responded to its dedication excitedly. In fact, Mozilla reported that its newest version of the browser, Firefox 4, had accumulated 9 million downloads only one day after it was released to the public.

This is very substantial to the search world, because it shows that Firefox is gaining ground on the most popular browser available, Internet Explorer. Currently, 30% of online users actively utilize Firefox to explore the web. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer currently has accumulated 45.2% of online users, but its numbers are declining steadily. To put it in perspective, in March of 2010, Internet Explorer had 54.5% of the web browser market share. In only a year, it has declined almost 10%. If Firefox’s newest version does as well as its other versions, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it capture the top spot as the world’s most used web browser.

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