FCC Forces Data Roaming For Carriers

federal-trade-commission-ftc-logo_jpgIn order to provide consumers with the best data coverage for their money, the FCC has enforced regulations that will make service providers AT&T and Verizon enter a data roaming agreement with smaller mobile carriers. This will make it so that mobile subscribers that choose smaller carriers will have access to data services, no matter where they are in the United States. Mobile equipment that is set in place by bigger carriers will be forced to provide uninterrupted service to small carrier subscribers, if they happen to roam outside their traditional service areas. This is expected to increase the competitiveness of mobile carriers, because service providers will no longer be restricted to only being able to accumulate customers according to the geographic location of their equipment.

The Cost of Services

With the competiveness between cell phone providers rising due to this FCC regulation, the cost of their services will undoubtedly fall. What this means for businesses is that there is going to be a lot more consumers trying to access your site with mobile devices. These devices don’t have the standard screen resolution that a traditional PC monitor has, so if your site doesn’t have a responsive web design optimized for mobile, it won’t properly represent your business.

Also, mobile devices can sometimes limit the functionality of your site. If you are going to try to attract mobile device users it is important that your site adheres to smartphone requirements. If you ignore this large portion of your website’s visitors and don’t accommodate their means of discovering your business, you could potentially lose out on new sales opportunities.

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