Faster Than the Speed of… Well, Everything

Look out – Google is one step closer to taking over the Internet.

The multi-national corporation has launched its own Internet connection called Google Fiber, which promises to deliver a connection speed “100 times faster than today’s average broadband.” Google Fiber boasts a speed of 1000 Mb per second, bringing TV and Internet together and promising instant downloads and crystal clear HD pictures.

How to Get It

Right now, this isn’t an Internet connection that you can just go out and buy, however. (Sorry – we know you were hoping to show up that snobbish next-door neighbor.) Google’s goal is to build “Fiberhoods” – neighborhoods of Google Fiber users in various cities – and the only way to get Fiber is to have a certain number of pre-registrations by September 9th. Kansas City, Missouri was the first city eligible for Fiber, but after September 9th, the cities with the most pre-registrations will have access (which means if you want Fiber, you have to convince that snobbish neighbor to register).

With such a fast connection, our Internet marketing firm thought Google Fiber would cost a lot more than Comcast or AT&T, right? Nope. Google is able to sell Fiber at a competitive price (monthly charges of $70 and $120) because of a few reasons:

1) They make their own stuff like networking gear and set-top boxes – which means they don’t have to rely on other companies for them.

2) They use social engineering – cutting deals with local utilities means lower set-up costs and having people sign up in bulk means fewer technician trips.

3) They use QR codes on their own DVR-TV-network boxes for activation and information.

With a move like this, Google believes that Internet is only becoming more powerful (and Google is usually right), which is why it’s important for your business to have a strong presence on it. With our wide variety of marketing tactics, our digital marketing agency¬†can help you build your business on the web. Give us a call today to get started.

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