Effects of the Apple-Samsung Patent Battle

Over the past month, our digital marketing agecy members have watched the news of the Apple-Samsung patent battle spread throughout the Internet as society eagerly waited to see which technology giant would come out on top. While the trial only lasted four weeks, the battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on for over a year.

To recap: back in 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that Samsung’s smartphone and tablet designs copied those of the iPhone and iPad. In a rebuttal, Samsung claimed that some of Apple’s products infringed on their 3G wireless technology patents. The case finally went to court in California and, as of August 24th, Apple was declared the winner and walked away with over $1 billion in damage collections.

So how will this major lawsuit affect the industry and its consumers? There are a few things that could happen:

When it comes to competitors:

There are two directions that competitors may go: They may either step up their ideas and create products that are more innovative than Apple or their strive for innovation may be hindered for fear of creating something that will land them in a lawsuit with another company.

When it comes to consumers:

Consumers who don’t have a loyalty to Apple may take advantage of the fact that Samsung is selling similar products for a much lower price, but on the other hand, they may look at the battle as a reason to not trust Samsung and may turn their device preferences to Apple.

When it comes to devices:

Because of the similarities found between the two companies’ products, smartphones and tablets may become increasingly complex and more difficult to understand. This may also make it hard for some companies to persuade others who are used to one brand name to switch to a different brand name.

While the battle has been won, the war may not be over. Samsung plans to appeal the verdict and there is a possibility the case could go to a higher court. Until then, our digital marketing agency and the rest of the world be waiting to see what happens in the future of technology.

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