E-Commerce Shoppers Hesitant about Security

web securityWith the developments in technology that E-commerce sites have made over the years, it’s a wonder to think that some Americans still refuse to purchase products online because they are concerned with security. In fact, 64% of Americans have yet to purchase anything online. This is according to poll conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance. Our Internet marketing firm knows this information could be troubling to businesses that depend on their websites to generate sales because they can only access less than half of their potential market.

Security Concerns

The poll also stated that of the people that won’t purchase products online, 60% are concerned with the effectiveness of the security that E-commerce websites provide. 51% of the people polled were worried about providing the information requested for a sales transaction and 48% felt that the websites they were considering requested more information than what they thought was necessary.

Close to 70% of the people who were considering purchases researched the products they were interested in online. What this means for businesses is that just because there is a limited opportunity to complete sales online, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop advertising your products online or shutdown your website. Customers are still weighing out their options online and are interested in receiving information on the products they are looking to purchase. You need to present information that will tell your potential customers where they can get your products. It also means that businesses that you need to include direct contact information on each page of your website and should have the capability to take orders over the phone, just in case a potential prospect isn’t interested in going to a location that distributes your products.

Take Advantage

Remember, more than half of your potential customers won’t complete purchases online, so if you want to increase the potential of your website, you are going to have to find some way to help them to get to one of your sales mediums before your competitors offer them an easier way to purchase the products they are interested in.

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