Do’s and Don’ts: Business Etiquette

business etiquetteWhether you’re the owner of a company or the newest employee on payroll, our digital marketing agency knows there is always a code of professionalism (otherwise known as etiquette) that you should embrace. Treating others with politeness and consideration is the best way to earn respect – so follow these rules:



1. Stand up whenever you shake hands with someone or whenever you meet someone for the first time.

2. Pay attention. It sounds simple, but paying attention to important information can be the difference between success and failure.

3. Remember people’s names. It will make a big impression on them.

4. Check for spelling errors before you send an email, newsletter, sales pitch, review, or any other type of document.

5. Pay the bill. If you were the one who invited a client or employee to lunch or dinner, it’s polite to pay for it.

6. Knock before you enter someone’s cubicle or office.

7. Dress well. A person’s first impression of you is of your clothing, so even if it’s casual Friday, wear something respectable.

8. Bite your tongue when talking to an angry customer. Instead of yelling back, listen to their story and respond when they’ve finished.

9. Eat smart. If you’re out to eat and want to make a good impression, think about how you’ll look while eating something before you order it.

10. Take your time. When giving a presentation, don’t spit everything out at once.


1. Forget to say thank you. If a client comes to visit, or coworker does something to help you out, show your appreciation.

2. Be late. No one likes waiting and no one likes to hear excuses; punctuality shows professionalism.

3. Jump the gun. Hear someone out and look at the situation from their point of view before you dismiss their idea or opinion.

4. Take other people’s food. Respect the person and their boundaries, no matter how hungry you may be.

5. Use your work email to send personal emails. Create a separate account on Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

6. Bring your cell phone to a meeting. It’s a distraction to not only you, but the others around you.

7. Point with your index finger. Instead, use an open palm with your fingers together.

8. Email people during the weekend. Unless your employees or coworkers work on Saturday and Sunday, wait until Monday.

9. Talk with your mouth full. This goes for any situation, not just a business one.

10. Get too personal with decorations. Just remember that other professionals could see your pictures, notes, calendar, etc.

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