Cyber Monday Sales Reach an All-Time High

MoneyCyber Monday has become the most notable day of the year for E-commerce distributors in a variety of markets. The Monday after Black Friday is when online retailers try to boost their sales by offering shoppers the best prices of the year for their products. This event started fairly recently, but with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, its prominence has become unmistakably powerful.

Large online retailers like and Zappos entice customers with unbelievably low prices, free shipping and other promotions that have whipped consumers into an online shopping frenzy. The momentum that has been generated from this event has accumulated record sales for businesses all over the web who have participated in one of the largest online shopping sales days of the year. This secondary day of spectacular deals is certain to assist businesses to reach their ultimate sales goals and become more successful.

An Increase in Spending

Online spending on Cyber Monday this year was considerably up from 2009. E-commerce spending increased 16% and reached an overall total for sales of $1.028 billion. This is the most sales ever made in one day online in history. It is also the first time that online sales accumulated over $1 billion dollars in a single day. Even despite the tail end of a recession, people are still spending money to get their friends and family that special gift for the holidays. In fact, average spending per buyer increased by 12% from last year and the average number of consumers who were making purchases on the web on Cyber Monday had increased by 4%. Even the amount each user was spending increased by 10% to $60.05 and the number of actual completed transactions grew to 17.1 million, which was 6% more than Cyber Monday transactions in 2009.

If you want your business to make its sales goals for the year, it is absolutely crucial that you capitalize on the potential for sales that Cyber Monday holds. Online users are basically looking for any excuse to make a purchase on Cyber Monday, all you have to do as a business is draw them to your website, get them excited about your products and impress them with your prices. Our Internet marketing firm knows these are the keys to Cyber Monday success that could take your business in a completely new direction.

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