Consumers Still Use Mobile Internet Research While They are in Stores

mobile searchEvery retailer knows that in this age of information, consumers actively research the products they purchase long before buying them, but it is a surprise to many that consumers are actually researching while they are in the store.

A study conducted by Yahoo and Nielsen shows that 90% of mobile Internet users have accessed the web while in a retail location. 51% of the consumers that participated in the study reported that they conducted research on their mobile devices before they made purchases at stores.

Why Research?

Consumers are putting more research into everyday purchases because it is important now, with the current state of the economy, that they find the best prices for the products they are interested in. The information that they find on the web via their mobile Internet devices is giving them the confidence to complete purchases. Actually completing the sales transaction in the store, but researching the product online, also means that consumers are trying to do everything they can to get what they need without having to pay shipping costs or wait for their products to be delivered.

This study has reinforced the concept that even retailers that depend more on on-site sales need to make sure that their products are properly represented. Our Internet marketing firm can help. Contact us today!

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