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At our digital marketing agency, we know better than anyone that load time can really hinder the experience you present to your users through your website. If your site takes an extended period of time to load, you could lose the attention of your visitors. If your site loads quickly but doesn’t deliver an impressive experience, you might not persuade your visitors that your products or services are the best in your industry or that your company is passionate about attracting their business. Part of delivering a stellar web experience is not wasting your visitor’s time. That’s why it’s important to check the load speed of your website.

Page Speed

To accommodate this need to monitor your load speed, Google has implemented a new tool for Chrome users called Page Speed. This tool will let you see how quickly your site is loading and provide you with useful tips to make adjustments on your site that will allow it to load faster. It’s similar to the add-on that Mozilla released for its web browser, Firefox, but it provides a more inclusive scoring system and more detailed correction suggestions. With the information generated from this testing program, developers will be able to streamline the loading process so that their visitors get the information they’re looking for at an accelerated rate.

Testing your site’s load speed in every major browser is very important to preserving the experience you are providing to your visitors. If you want your site to be as effective as possible, you’re going to want to monitor its load speed so that you can make adjustments accordingly. Chrome and Firefox can be can be tested with the Page Speed tool, but if you want to test the load speed of your site on Internet Explorer, you have to use an outside source like Keep in mind, there are a lot of variables that will affect your site’s load speed (like your bandwith, server power and users’ computer speed), but testing the general load time of your site could help you avoid crucial mistakes that will cause your site to load slowly for everyone.

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