Chrome 13 Makes an Impact on Search Engine Popularity

Chrome LogoGoogle’s Chrome browser is gaining users around the world. In fact, according to the The Guardian, Chrome is the second most popular browser in the UK.

Instant Pages

The latest edition of Chrome comes with new features, like Instant Pages, that make searching easier for users. When you use Chrome 13 and Google as your search engine, it instantly loads the page that it thinks you’re most likely to click on, before the other search results, when you perform a search query. This will provide a more direct search experience because it will shave seconds off of load time for sites.

Print Preview Option

Another feature Chrome 13 is using to increase their user experience is its print preview option. Windows and Linux users can preview a web page they want to print directly from their browser. This can help prevent cutting off text and photos, while reducing paper that is wasted by extra blank pages or pages with advertisements. Chrome turns the page into a PDF document, using its built-in PDF viewer to generate the print preview. Chrome also offers an updated Omnibar with several improvements, including a feature that creates a more useful user history by loading pages you’ve previously visited faster.

Tool Bar Search

The more comprehensive experience that Chrome is offering will hopefully give Google the opportunity to expand its loyal user base this will undoubtedly spill over into Google’s impressive search engine user base, because people will become accustomed to searching through Chrome’s tool bar, which is powered by Google search. Improving the functionality of Chrome could inadvertently help Google further secure their position as the most used search engine on the web. Being an Internet marketing firm, we know this will also have a direct influence on the SEO world because the more people choose to use Google to search, the valuable their search results listings become.

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