, The Latest in “Word-of-Mouth” Advertising

BuzzThere used to be a time when businesses would advertise mildly and depend greatly on previous customers spreading the word to their friends and families about the products and services they were satisfied with. Customer references have always been a part of what makes a company’s success or failure (including our Internet marketing firm’s). If you have provided your customers with quality products and services at fair prices, they are going to tell people they come in contact with about you. If you don’t, they are still going to tell people they come in contact with about you, but it will be negative and will probably keep people away from becoming your future business.

Social Media’s Role

“Word-of-Mouth” exposure has since evolved. With the advent of social media, consumers can share their satisfaction with products and services on a much larger level. They no longer have to be within an earshot of people they want to share their experiences with. They can connect with their friends and family all over the world and tell them about how great it was that they chose your business over your competitors.

AT&T is trying to make sharing information about businesses much easier for consumers with their new website, is a way to share with your friends in your social network things like your favorite restaurants, stores or any other type of business that you wish to personally promote. It is a two-way resource that is designed to improve communication between consumers. All you have to do is create a account, link it to your Facebook account and begin to share with your social network. Choose the businesses that are your favorites and create a resource for your friends. Then, the next time you have a question like “What’s a good sushi restaurant?” or “Who’s a good plumber?” you can check your friends’ favorite lists for recommendations. The overall idea of the site is that everyone feels more comfortable taking a recommendation from a friend, rather than a stranger.

Become a Favorite on can really up the ante when it comes to marketing on social media. As a business owner or marketing director, you can take advantage of the free exposure this site can generate for you, simply by getting your loyal customers to add you as their favorite on Offer them incentives, like free shipping for adding your business to their recommended list or discount pricing for every recommendation they make to a friend. It is a worthy investment, because for every new customer they recommend to you through is an opportunity to crack into another social network, teeming with more potential prospects. Our Internet marketing firm knows this type of “Word-of-Mouth” exposure could potentially lead your business to a new level of success.

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