Business Tricks: Productivity

productivity tricks

It’s the start of a new year, which means you’ve probably made some New Year’s resolutions to better your life. At Prager, our digital marketing members are constantly looking for ways to better our business, and we thought we’d share some of our tricks in our blog posts, starting with “productivity.”

Assign Responsibility Appropriately

If you have several teams for several different departments, use them wisely. The best way to get work done is to have the right people do it, so think about what needs to be completed before you assign your tasks. Once you know who should do what, let them focus solely on that task before they work on anything else.

Re-position Temptations

On a more personal note, if you know something is going to tempt and distract you, make sure it’s far away. If you’re constantly checking your phone, keep it in your car. If you can’t quit your social media addiction, put a block on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you work from home, hide your television remote. When something tempting is further away, you’re less likely to succumb to it; therefore, you’ll get more done.


Every morning, make a list of what needs to be done first and foremost. Then, what needs to be done after that, and keep going. If you start each day with your most important task, you’ll get into a great rhythm and complete your assignments on time.

Keep the Temperature Cozy

In a study done by Cornell University researchers, they found that employees who worked in a lower-temperature environment (68 degrees) vs. a warmer-temperature environment (77 degrees) made 44% more errors on their work. The study found that the employees were not only cold, but they were also distracted, since their energy was focusing on making their bodies warm rather than concentrating on their assignments.

Say No

If you’re the kind of person who will stop what they’re doing to help someone else, you’re probably viewed as a very valuable worker. However, if stopping what you’re doing puts you behind schedule, don’t be afraid to say no to a request. When you politely say no, it doesn’t make you inconsiderate, it makes you dedicated and it will help keep you focused on your tasks at hand.

Ignore Unimportant Emails

Emails can be distracting – especially if they’re not very important. Make it a point to ignore an email that doesn’t need an immediate response and save it for the end of the day, when all of your work is done.

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