Business Tricks: Group Work


group work

When someone says “group work,” you’re likely to think one of two things: Either “I love group work” or “I hate group work.” Don’t worry – you’re not alone. If you’ve ever worked with people who don’t put forth an effort or people who don’t get along, working in a group with them can be difficult. But, like other business projects, group work requires focus, responsibility, and motivation. Here are some tips from our digital marketing agency to help you succeed:

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

We know you may be tempted to just complete the task/tasks yourself instead of trying to divvy out the work, but that’s not the point of group work. Don’t give in and let others slack. If certain members of your group aren’t putting in the effort, pull them aside and talk to them.

Find Things in Common

If you don’t know anything about your partners, it’s going to be difficult to be able to work with them. Find things in common with the people in your group and you’ll build strong connections that can help you work together.

Put Everything in Writing

When you all figure out what you’re going to do, who’s going to do it, and when you’re going to do it, make sure you write it all down. It’ll help in the future – not only when you need to reference your work delegation, but also if you boss needs the project details.

Review as a Whole

During every group meeting, make sure you go over all of your accomplishments as a whole before moving on. This will help everyone understand where you are in the project and how much you need to still do to complete it.

Meet Somewhere Quiet

Choose a meeting place that’s central, yet quiet so that your group can get their work done without being interrupted. Try an abandoned office, the company coffee shop, a conference room, or another area. You’ll need a place without distractions so that you can work well.

Set an End Goal

Set a goal for the end of the timeline and use it as a motivational tool to get your assigned tasks done. Tell yourselves that if you complete the project on time, if you work without conflicts, or you get a high approval, you’ll celebrate accordingly.

By following all these bits of advice, you’ll find group work to be a little easier and may even find it more enjoyable than before.

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