Business Tricks: Connections


Whether you run your own business or are an employee among many, you know that one of the most important things you can do to keep up your success is to stay connected with your customers. At our digital marketing firm, we work hard to build relationships with our clients and with each other. Here are some suggestions from us:

Be Personal

Nothing says you care more than a random email or phone call. Each week, choose a few clients and make a point to say hi. If you want to make it more business-like, you can include some positive information about their account, but either way, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to contact them.

Keep Up with Social

Many times, social media is today’s way of communicating with businesses. In the past, you’d most likely call up a business’s customer service department to ask a question or file a complaint, but more and more businesses are now addressing their customers through social media. It’s important that you to acknowledge comments and concerns – it shows that you’re engaged and that you care.


Keep your customers up to date on the latest news from your company. If they’re the first to know about a new product or an upcoming project, they’ll likely be more interested in it. They’ll also appreciate you keeping them in the loop, and you may see more interaction from them on other platforms, such as social media.

Go Local

People like businesses that engage in local events, such as fundraisers, charity events, networking events, and more. If there’s something going on locally that you think you or your business can contribute to, don’t hesitate to try it out.

Face-to-Face Interactions

Sure, everything is easier via email or a phone call, but many clients appreciate a good old-fashioned face-to-face meeting to discuss your relationship. While you may be inclined to suggest a simpler alternative, invite them to lunch or out for coffee and have your meeting then. It’ll build a stronger connection.

Acknowledgements at Work

Whether you’re the head of a company or an employee, it’s important to address those around you. Take an interest in other people and their work and you’ll build positive relationships that can bring the workplace closer together.

Client Spotlight

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