Brand Battles: iOS vs. Android


The battle of Apple vs. other smartphone makers has been going on for nearly a decade, and with it comes the operating system battle of iOS vs. Android. Our digital marketing company decided to compare the two in background, audience, growth and more. Which do you prefer, and why?


First Released
iOS – 2007

Android – 2003

Number of Devices Sold (as of 2015)
iOS – 1.1 billion

Android – 1.4 billion


Audience Type
iOS – individuals with graduate degrees, are “addicted” to technology, managerial job positions

Android – individuals in the computer/tech industry, have only mobile phones, love technology news

Average User’s Household Income
iOS – >$125,000

Anroid – $50,000 – $75,000

Major Market
iOS – U.S and China

Android – Europe and Great Britain


Initial Marketing Aim
iOS – simplifying the buying process, minimal product focus, targets loyal customers,

Android – product features, user interface highlights, targets new customers

Current Tagline
iOS – iPhone: “The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

Android – “Be together. Not the same.”


Number of Available Apps

iOS – 1.4 million

Android – 1.5 million

Market Share (Q1, 2015)

iOS – 18.3%

Android – 78%

OS Rankings, National

iOS – 42.6%

Android – 51.6%

OS Rankings, Global

iOS – 15.4%

Android – 80.7$

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