Bracing Yourself for the Bing/Yahoo Alliance

Bing LogoIt has been a long time coming, but Microsoft and Yahoo are finally making their first step towards fully integrating their two search engines together. The companies announced that as of August 3rd, 2011, they will be launching a merged version of their search engine in Europe.

This means users in Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and France will be the first people on the web to see the alliance between Bing and Yahoo, which is one of the most significant things to happen on the web in the past decade. The joining together of these two search giants is expected to make a significant impact on the search world and is expected to really shift around the search user paradigm.

If You Have an Ad Campaign…

If your business depends on these sites for your sponsored ad campaign, you probably should have taken advantage of the initiatives that they were offering to synchronize your Yahoo Search Marketing account with Bing’s sponsored ad platform a long time ago, but in case you didn’t, there is still plenty of time to make the switch. Both of these sites have agreed to give sponsored ad users plenty of time to transition their accounts, so that the change over goes seamlessly. In fact, in certain markets, Microsoft has already started to draw in advertisers from Yahoo’s marketplace.

In Europe:

For businesses that use sponsored ads in the UK, France and Ireland, the complete transition won’t occur in 2011. In fact, both search engines encourage you to continue using both the Yahoo Search Market and Microsoft adCenter separately until further notice. They aren’t expecting a full out transition for a while, but advertisers will be given more inclusive details of when they need to better prepare their accounts once a transition deadline is established.

Analyze Your Traffic

Yahoo LogoIn order to be fully prepared for the transition, Yahoo and Bing are both asking business to analyze their natural traffic and their paid traffic to anticipate the potential impact on traffic and sales that the transition is going to cause. Our Internet marketing firm warns, though, that for natural search, Yahoo is going to depend entirely on Bing’s results. This means that if you are not currently targeting Bing search results for your SEO campaign or you are but aren’t ranking, you could potentially see a significant shift in the effectiveness of your website.

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