Blekko is Picking Up Steam

Blekko LogoThe search industry has a very distinct pecking order. The big names in search like Google, Yahoo and Bing have already established a very strong presence that makes it hard for “start-up” search engines to really get the user base they need to become a key player in the world of search. The bigger name search engines have the branding, advertising budgets and the recognition they need to continue to be a powerhouse in the search industry. But even though the path ahead seems like a tough trail to tackle, people still develop new search engines that are intended to redefine the way we look at search.

Blekko’s Plan

That is what the search engine Blekko set out to do when it was originally launched. Blekko planned to reinvent how we search by allowing users to input “slashtags” into their search query, so that they could better organize their search results and eliminate spam. It also gives users a more customizable search experience, because it permitted them to look up sites by their IP address, so that they could “spam-list” addresses that don’t provide credible information. Blekko had a list of novel ideas that would improve search, but they were still going up against search engine giants that have not only defined our current definition of what a search engine is; they also have gotten users adapted to that definition.

But it seems like Blekko is making an impact on the search world despite not being established for many years or being backed by one of the biggest computer software companies in the world. It was recently released that Blekko obtained an impressive 30 million search queries in January of 2011. It also released a “Spam Clock” in January that shows users how 1 million spam sites are generated on the internet every hour. Blekko’s main objective is to try to keep these spam sites out of its search results by giving users the ability to label certain sites as spam, so that they won’t be included in their search results again. Blekko goes as far as stating that it will remove 20 low quality sites from its search results entirely, according to what users prefer. Sites like and won’t be included in their search results, because these sites are infamously ad laden and don’t provide credible information to users.

Mobile Applications Coming

Giving users this type of freedom seems to be working for Blekko. They are even expected to launch their own mobile applications for both the iPhone and Android operating systems, which will give users the ability to conduct searches wherever they are. With the developments and progress Blekko is making in the search industry, it is becoming more apparent that businesses that use an Internet marketing firm for their search engine optimization campaigns might want to start focusing on specific tactics that are targeted towards improving their Blekko rankings.

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