Bing’s New Shopping Search

Computer MoneyAt our digital marketing firm, we know that Bing is constantly evolving in order to attract new users and sway the search engine popularity paradigm. Recently, Bing announced that it will be improving its online shopping functionality by adding a few new features, which will simplify the shopping experience for its users.

The idea behind this type of development is that if Bing can present users with a more enjoyable shopping experience, not only will they be more inclined to use Bing as their preferred search method, but businesses will be more excited about advertising themselves and their products with Bing as well.


One of the most notable improvements that Bing is implementing into its shopping search feature is the ability to quickly refine your search, so that you can find what you are looking for faster. They do this by offering users the ability to utilize filters that will narrow down their search results, so that they will only show product listings that are relevant to the specifications that were set. Users will have the ability to weed out results based on price, brand, style and other product specific categories that will allow them to find exactly what they are looking for, without them having to sort through products they aren’t interested in.

This could make a big impact on the E-commerce world because it could dictate the role of search engines in the online shopping world. It also may have an impact on the popularity of giant online shopping venues like because Bing will present users with a more comprehensive resource. Users will not only be able to search for general information by using Bing, they will also be able to find products they want to purchase more directly through the search engine as well. If users start to become accustomed to using Bing to shop for products, this could cause a drastic shift in the search and online shopping worlds.

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