Bingbot Release Set for Fall

Bing is expected to release a beta version of its new web crawler, Bingbot on October 1st, 2010. This feature is going to replace Microsoft’s current web crawler, MSNBot. It is expected to still be able to identify text just as MSNBot did, and will still honor robot.txt directives, so minimal site adjustments will be required to maintain rankings on

What’s Different About BingBot?

The engineers at Microsoft have designed Bingbot to crawl through the web more efficiently, and even be able to index text on sites that have not been optimized. This is expected to even the playing field for the competition for Bing’s rankings. The Bingbot is supposed to make it easier for sites to build credibility and achieve rankings without the need of a search engine optimization campaign. This won’t depreciate the value of a good search engine optimization campaign entirely; it is just expected to assist sites that aren’t optimized to be discovered by keyword searches. Putting an effort towards optimizing your site will still garner more results than sites that simply post their information and wait.

Regardless of what Bing does to try to improve their search results and even though they are merging with Yahoo, they are still second fiddle in the search engine optimization popularity contest. Google is well out ahead of them as far as overall users go, so this move to the new Bingbot isn’t expected to make as strong as an impact on the search world. The only thing that is really being renovated with this change is the search directives that Bing is going to use to identify the text in the creation of a website.

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