Bing Powers Windows 7 Mobile Devices

Windows Mobile LogoIt’s no big shock that Microsoft has announced that its new line of phones that use the Windows 7 mobile operating system will include Bing applications for both search and location. A lot of people don’t think about the impact that the release of these phones will have on the popularity contest between the major search engines. Our Internet marketing firm knows that mobile Internet devices are rapidly becoming more and more popular by the day and search engine preference is being impacted by the influx of popularity for mobile internet devices. That is why smartphone manufacturers are becoming one of the most powerful influences for search engine popularity.

Search Engine OS’s

The most popular smartphones usually come standard with an operating system that has features that are powered by one of the major search engines built in. The more popular the phone, the more users that search engine will attract. For example, when the iPhone was originally released, it came with Google maps, YouTube (which Google owns) and a Google search bar included in its Safari browser. The first generation iPhones were pretty popular, but now that mobile internet accessibility became more available and more affordable, the newer iPhones, that still feature Google products, are contributing more noticeably to Google’s user base. If the new Windows 7 mobile phones become as popular as iPhones, our Internet marketing firm believes it could result in a lot of new users for Bing.

Mobile internet devices will continue to make a difference in the popularity of search engines as the technology develops and becomes less expensive. Cell phone providers and manufacturers have the power to control a large percentage of search engine users who depend on their mobile internet devices to browse the web. The new line of Windows-friendly phones could potentially hold the keys for an increase in Bing users, if the phones are quality, provide users with an enjoyable experience, are marketed properly and become popular.

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