Bing Mobile’s New Features

Bing LogoMobile search is all the rage in the online world as more and more people continue to search the web on their smartphones and other mobile devices. This is creating a shift in the search engine paradigm, because devices are coming with programs that feature certain search engines for their default searches. This means users are becoming more accustomed to using different search engines on their mobile devices than the ones that they use on their PCs, which is causing the popularity of certain search engines to rise and fall.

At our digital marketing firm, we know that mobile search is becoming a definitive element in the search engine popularity race and search engines are really starting to realize that and target their efforts to capture as many mobile search users as possible.

The search engine that provides the most enjoyable experience and most accommodates mobile users is going benefit from the transition of more standard PC search users to more mobile device search users. Bing is putting a lot of effort into being the most preferred mobile search engine, because they are constantly developing technology that will give mobile search users the information they need quicker and easier. Recently Bing has released a couple of features that are expected to complement their overall mobile search experience.

Sharing Through Facebook

First off, they took into consideration the influence social media has on mobile search and made a feature that makes it easier to share information through Facebook. They also developed a feature that will provide mobile users with headline news that is up to the minute. This feature is included directly on their home page, so users can access it quickly, see the top three headlines that are featured and then search for whatever information they are looking for.


Bing improved its map section by updating its layout to show users maps and listings simultaneously. It will also provide you with directions to landmarks, and you won’t have to flip back and forth between the map and the step by step list of directions.

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