Bing Gains Ground in 2011

Bing LogoMicrosoft’s Bing search engine is on the steady path to becoming the online world’s “Little Engine that Could”. Reporting increasing numbers for search shares for the last six months, Bing has again notified the search world that in February of 2011, the amount of online users that utilized Bing for searching the web has increased by a half percent. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you consider that Google decreased .2% from January to February of this year and Yahoo neither gained nor lost any users, a half of a percentage point is pretty significant. You also have to add that .5% to the sizable 2% increase that Bing has accumulated from September of 2010 to January of 2011. Also note that during that same period, Google lost almost 1% of their users.

Bing might only currently have 13.6% of the overall search volume of all of the users on the web, but if their numbers continue to grow regularly, they might eventually overcome Yahoo, who holds the second place position in the search engine popularity race with 16.1% of users. Yahoo has posted a small decline in users from September 2010 (down .6%) but their performance remains steady. If they don’t start to really attract users’ attention, they might find themselves falling lower on the search engine food chain.

What Lead to This?

Bing can attribute this increase in usership to a few variables. For starters, our digital marketing firm knows their search results have been considered some of the most accurate and credible search results on the web. They also develop and implement new functions and features that provide users with a more enjoyable search experience. As they continue to evolve, they also take every opportunity to market themselves, even going as far as hiring celebrities to represent them on television commercials. All of the effort that Microsoft has put into expanding the popularity of their search engine has paid off, but if they are looking to capture the number one spot by taking down Google, their work is not even half way finished.

Bing and SEO

What does this mean for businesses that count on SEO campaigns to attract unique visitors to their website? Well, with the search engine popularity paradigm shifting, smart businesses are going to start directing their SEO campaigns to focus more on obtaining rankings with Bing. This is a necessary step to stay ahead of your competition, because this rapidly developing platform is going to be a source for a lot of potential prospects who are converting from loyal Google users to loyal Bing users. Our digital marketing firm knows that time is money with Bing rankings because the longer you obtain them; the easier it will be to obtain more as the search engine becomes more popular.

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