Bing Becomes the Standard for All Blackberrys

Bing LogoMobile search is continuing to make a substantial impact in the online world. As more people become dependent on searching the web with their mobile devices, search engines are trying harder to expand their market share of mobile search users. Many experts in the search industry (including our digital marketing firm) speculate that mobile devices could have a huge influence on search engine and web browser popularity. They could in fact be the catalyst that rearranges the search engine pecking order, giving search engines like Bing and Yahoo the chance to gain some ground on the current most preferred search engine on the web, Google.

Expanding Bing’s User Base

It has been recently announced that the newest editions of Blackberry mobile devices will feature as their default search engine for their mobile browser. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Bing because it will bring them an opportunity to expand their user base. Currently, 23.3% of mobile users in the United States and 13.3% of the world’s mobile users are searching the web with a Blackberry. Keep in mind that the number of Blackberry users is declining steadily from last year, but the amount of mobile internet users is increasing, as cellular service providers are making mobile internet service more affordable and more available. As this market continues to grow and more people that have Blackberrys start to search on the web through their phones, Bing will increase their momentum and become more valued by users.

Increasing your availability is the best way to improve your popularity online. This is true in a variety of different circumstances, but it is truest when you are talking about search engine popularity. The more that Bing makes themselves available to users in different mediums, the closer they get to obtaining the position as the most used search engine on the web.

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