Bing and DealMap Collaborate

Bing Logo 2At our digital marketing firm, we know that Bing is one of the most influential powerhouses in the search world. They are constantly designing and releasing products that are intended to change the way we search and change the way we live. Bing realizes that in order to stay relevant, one of the most significant things you can do is simplify the lives of your users. This means presenting them with a more inclusive search experience that provides them with the information and tools they need to improve their quality of life.

Bing joined forces with DealMap to change the way you research the products and services you’re interested in buying. Now you have the ability to search nearby locations for deals that could make the things you are looking for much more affordable and all you have to do is visit Bing’s mobile site. It will connect you with DealMap local results according to your geographic position. It’s technology that will appeal to a lot of users because it capitalizes on the growing popularity of mobile consumer research.

It’s Easy

DealMap will not only show you promotions that businesses in your area are currently running, it will also give you directions to their locations and their contact information. The best part about DealMap is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded to be effective. All you have to do is go to Bing’s mobile site, enter your zip code and it takes care of the rest. Instantly you will be presented with a list of businesses that you are geographically close to you that are offering unbeatable specials.

If you’re interested in increasing sales in your locations, DealMap could be just what you need to attract local consumers. They are very similar to local listings that are featured on search results but they allow you to impress people that are searching in the area with specials that could entice them into visiting your location and purchasing your products or services. Give your business the advantages that are involved with promoting yourself through the help of the mobile search world, use DealMap to connect with your local potential prospects.

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