Android Becomes #1

AndroidDeveloping mobile operating systems has become a very competitive field because the popularity of smartphones that use these systems is increasing with consumers. Smartphones have developed into easy-to-use, affordable and practical tools that people have become dependent on to help them with everyday tasks.

Android and iOS

The two major operating systems that have had control over the mobile Internet world have been Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These two operating systems have been battling back and forth for popularity since Google purchased Android in 2005 with the intentions of making it the most common operating system available for smartphone users. Since then, they have reinvented the functionality of the original Android system and made it an operating system that delivers a more enjoyable experience.

All the effort that Google has put into better developing the Android operating system has apparently paid off, because according to a study performed by comScore, an internet research company, Android was able to capture a larger amount of mobile internet users in 2010. Android’s user base has increased by 2.7% last year. They now have 28.7% of all mobile internet users using their operating system. Apple’s iOS isn’t far behind Android, though. They have managed to obtain 25% of all of the mobile Internet users.

Search Engine and Browser Popularity

There is a lot at stake for large companies that want to be in the top spot for mobile operating systems, like Google, Microsoft and Apple. Apart from just gathering the revenue that comes with having the most preferred mobile operating system, most of these operating systems come with standard search engine based features and most consumers are purchasing these products for mobile online accessibility, which would make a huge impact on the popularity of search engines and mobile browsers.

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