All Work and No Play?

Are you a workaholic? Do you find yourself answering business calls or emails outside of the office? Have you forgotten what life was like without your smartphone? Join the majority of Americans who find it impossible to leave their work at the workplace.

According to a survey by Good Technology (a leading company in mobile device management), over 80% of smartphone users continue to work even after they’ve left the office. People are so easily connected in today’s technological world that it’s hard for them to separate their business life with their personal life. AT&T has even created a new technology, “Toggle,” for people who wish to use their phones or tablets for work. (It lets you access your work apps without worrying about the IT department managing your device.)

Of the 80% who continue to work, most do so for about seven hours a week – almost an entire extra workday. That’s almost 30 extra hours a month. However, half of those surveyed said it’s not by choice – they feel that their customers demand quick responses.

Besides being the cause of isolation from others, I wonder – can this “workaholic” demeanor be unhealthy? In an article by BBC News, Dr. Helena Johnson (chairwoman of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) says, “Excessive work levels are not good for anyone. Overworked employees are not only unlikely to be performing well at work, the stress an unmanageable workload causes is also likely to be making them ill.”

So… do you spend too much work time on your smartphone? If you do, why?

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