A Staggering Giant: Yahoo’s Decline

Yahoo LogoAs it continues to downgrade its operations, Yahoo struggles to stay alive in the search industry. The once great search giant has been closing offices worldwide, conducting layoffs and closing down some of its side projects, like Geocities, Zimbra and Del.icio.us.

There is also speculation that it might be pulling the plug on one of its other big departments, Flickr. It’s becoming more evident that Yahoo is in dire times and the reason they are closing down these sites is to streamline and consolidate their product offerings, so that they can better improve their current services.

The Impact on the Search World

At our digital marketing firm, we know this is going to have a huge impact on the search world. Not only will one of the bigger names in search be meeting its end, which will leave a large portion of users looking for another search engine to claim loyalty to, but a position in the top three biggest names in search will potentially be opening up. This means new names to the search game like Blekko, Qyo and DuckDuckGo will have the chance to step into the search spotlight. Bing will more than likely claim a majority of Yahoo’s search users because they are partners, but there will be a considerable amount of users on the web looking for a new alternative to their trusted search resource.

Yahoo closing could also mean a substantial raise in competition for the search engine optimization industry. A lot of SEO campaigns are targeted to acquire rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. With Yahoo out of the picture, there will be less top rankings to go around. Also, if another search engine takes Yahoo’s place, search engine optimization specialists are going to have to learn what makes the new search engine’s credibility algorithm different, so that they can obtain rankings. This action could open up a lot of opportunities in the search world.

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