8 Great (Free) Apps for Business


At Prager, we create custom website solutions for a number of clients, and we know that when you’re a busy professional, things are easier when they’re personalized to your liking. That’s why we compiled a list of apps that make life easier for businessmen and businesswomen who are constantly on the move. Check them out:


If you travel a lot, you’re going to love Zipcar. Whenever you need a car in another city to get where you’re going, you can simple reserve one and pick it up at its designated spot – all for a monthly fee (which includes gas and insurance).


Designed to help you keep all of your files organized, Dropbox can sync everything between your tablet, desktop, and phone. It gives you an easy way to share files between coworkers and clients and you can even access it offline.


We know it can be frustrating when you try to communicate with someone via email, but they never read them. This app, created for iOS, lets you see who actually opened the email that you sent them.

Focus Lock

If you’re one of those people who has a hard time concentrating because your phone is a constant distraction, you’ll love this Android app. It lets you lock out certain apps so that you can’t use them. Each one can be set to a timer that unlocks them after a certain period.


When you’re busy, you don’t want to have to worry about the simple things. With IFTTT, you can create “recipes” based on the idea of “if this, then that.” You can create recipes from over 100 channels and do things like “if a new photo is posted to Facebook, then upload it to Dropbox” or “If the weather is going to be rainy, send a text message alert.”


Similar to Dropbox, Evernote lets you upload practically anything (images, documents, meeting notes, files, web clips, etc.) and tag it to remember later. You can access everything you’ve uploaded from any other computer or smartphone, which means you can make edits or grab your information virtually anywhere.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Created for iOS, this app is great for those who work from home or simply for those who are always on the go. It will find the nearest wi-fi Internet connections so you can choose one no matter where you go (and make sure it’s a good connection for working.)


Basecamp is perfect for working in teams. It lets you create collaborative projects, share documents, and assign to-do lists for each team member (along with any Basecamp user). It’ll also send daily notifications to everyone on the team, so no one can forget what their job is. This one’s free for 60 days, but then is $20/month.

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