6 Types of Workers That Need to Go

employeesWhen it comes to working, each employee may have a different method of getting their tasks done or a certain order in which they do things, but when you look at the bigger picture, employees can be narrowed down to a handful of “types.” Here are 6 types that are probably doing more to hurt than to help:

The “I”

“I” employees tend to think they are superior to others; the ones who need to make everything they’re doing sound important. They may work well alone, but when you put them in a group to collaborate, they look down on everyone else. A business is always stronger when its employees can all work together to create successful strategies and brainstorm new ideas.

Mr. Excuse

Have you ever met someone who never owns up to something that they did wrong? They’ve probably been called Mr. Excuse at some point in their life. These employees are somewhat like “I” employees, but when something goes wrong, they’ll never admit that it was their fault. People who can’t accept failure have no room to improve themselves and the way that they work.

The Virus

These employees are the ones who are always thinking negatively and talking to everyone else about their negative thoughts (which tend to be about the company, the workload, bosses, etc.). They may also simply be gossipers who talk about other coworkers behind their backs. Either way, these employees are called “viruses” for a reason.

The “One Way”er

It’s common for people to not like change, but when you have an employee who is constantly batting down new concepts and innovative ways to move forward, they’re prohibiting growth (and probably making a few enemies who feel “stupid” when they suggest new ideas). These are the people who are too stubborn and set in their ways.

Lazy Susan

Everyone knows a Lazy Susan (though “Susan” might not be their name). These are the employees who do the minimum amount of work necessary and who never go the extra mile. They’re the ones who call out sick when they have a stuffy nose, constantly show up late, and never refill the community water bottle fridge. They most likely don’t contribute during team meetings and rarely have anything new to propose.

The Floater

Similar to Lazy Susans, these employees don’t show any signs of purpose, plans, goals, or ambitions. They don’t really care about the company or where it goes and are simply working to collect a paycheck. A business needs people who are self-motivated and excited to succeed.

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