6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Making a Business Decision

business decision

If you have an opportunity knocking at your door but you’re not sure whether you should let it in, you may be stuck at a crossroad. Before you make a major decision, there are a few things you should ask yourself. Answering the following questions may help make your choice clearer:

1. Is this something I’ve always wanted?

If this opportunity is one you’ve always dreamed of and one that you’ve always believed would make you and your company better, then it’s a good indication that saying yes is the right thing to do.

2. What’s the worst that could happen?

Take the time to weigh out the cons of saying yes. What could go wrong? What’s the worst that could happen? When you’ve figured out the worst-case scenario, determine how that scenario would affect you and your company. If the effect is devastating or one that you won’t be able to fix, saying yes may be too big of a risk.

3. What tells me yes – my head or my heart?

Chances are you’ve followed either your head or your heart most often in the past. Think about the decisions you’ve made with each, and the outcomes they’ve produced. If following your heard doesn’t usually fare well, you may not want to make a decision that’s being decided by your heart. On the other hand, if you usually benefit by following your heart, you may want to listen to it.

4. What would my role model do?

Think about the person you look up to the most and what his/her business skills are like. What would they say if they were presented with the very same opportunity? There’s a reason they’re your role model…

5. Will I regret saying no?

If you look into the future 20 or 30 years, what might you regret? Is saying no to this opportunity something that may be on that list? If it is, the risk of passing it up may be even riskier than taking it.

6. How will my decision affect others?

If you’re faced with a major business decision, it’s very likely that this decision will not only affect you, but others around you. Whether it’s your coworkers, friends, or family, think about whom the decision would affect and how. It may help you make your final choice.

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