The Resurgence of Email Marketing

EmailIf you design an email marketing campaign properly, it can be very effective. E-newsletters are a wonderful marketing tool, because they allow you to always stay in contact with your customers. It gives you the chance to reinforce your business relationships and increase your sales because your customers will always be current on your developments, new products or services.

It’s common for businesses to not to realize the importance of email marketing. Your email marketing list is basically a gold mine of prequalified customers who have already purchased your products or services before or customers who have actively searched your business and are interested in what you are offering enough to sign up for your newsletter. Not only is it easier for you to get them to purchase from your business, they can be used as a source for referrals. Sending them emails periodically to reinforce your business relationship and keep them informed about your company is the best way to turn them into loyal customers.

Email Marketing Still Popular

Originally, it was thought that social media was going to overtake email marketing. It began picking up momentum steadily for a while, but recent studies have shown that 84% of consumers who have signed up for a company’s e-newsletter still want to receive emails that alert them of special pricing, product improvements and overall news. Email marketing has even proven its value in a reassessed economy. It is a useful tool that small businesses and large businesses alike can use to generate sales, because it is very cost effective and fairly easy to implement.

It gives you a wide range of possibilities for increasing your sales. A simple technique would be to offer your customers special pricing that can only be reached by following a link on one of your e-newsletters. This would not only be great for generating more sales, you would also be able to monitor the success rate of your email marketing campaign. You could track the referral rate from the email and see exactly how much impact your email marketing tactics are making.

Simple and Effective

When you put effort into always keeping your relationship with your customers intact, they will certainly appreciate it. Email marketing is a very simple, very effective way of doing that. All you need to do is keep constant contact with your prior customers, keep them informed about your developing business and show them that you are still interested in keeping them as a customer and your email marketing campaign will be completely successful.

Making sure that your email marketing campaign is bringing your business as many results as possible is very important. The professionals at Prager can help you fine-tune your email marketing campaign so that it is operating at peak performance. Simply contact our email marketing agency for more information.

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