Promoting Your Blog with Email Subscriptions (Part 2)

Email MarketingEmail subscriptions can definitely benefit your blogging efforts, but the tricky part is getting people to subscribe to your blog. If you are really interested in building a strong readership, offer your existing customers inside specials or promotional pricing if they subscribe to your blog. Do what you can to make it part of their routine, so that they get accustomed to checking your blog regularly.

When your readership develops within your existing customers, encourage them to refer their friends and family to subscribe to your blog as well. Sometimes, this can be as easy as asking them to spread the word. Other times, you might have to include special promotions that your current customers could receive based on the amount of people they can get to subscribe to your blog. Take advantage of your existing customers’ social networks, get them to share your blog with the people they know, but make sure you reward them for their effort. It will pay off in the long run, because not only will it reinforce their loyalty to your business, you will also get the chance to attract more potential prospects.

Subscription Features

If you are a business that is looking to promote yourself through blogging, including a subscription feature is the best way to ensure that people are actually reading what you are posting on your blog. If you are able to assemble a loyal readership, it could mean big things for your business, but part of maintaining your readership involves giving them a reason to read your blog. Sometimes, technical information isn’t enough to keep your readers captivated. After you have enticed them into subscribing to your blog, your number one focus should be keeping their subscription active. Provide them with information that will keep them wanting more. Avoid overloading them with technical specifications and mundane, day to day stuff. Instead, entertain them. Give them something captivating to read that will get them excited about your products or services. Present them with fascinating facts about your business or industry that they might want to reference in a regular conversation. Inspire their passion for your business and it could have them reading your blog regularly.

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