Optimizing Your Analytics

Magnifying-Glass3Having an analytics program is a great way to test the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. Knowing what is working for your business and what isn’t is the best way to streamline your online marketing efforts so that they achieve results for your business without wasting resources. Being able to track what success you have had with a sponsored link, advertisement or search engine optimization campaign can propel your business into a new level of success, because you will be able to shift your marketing energy away from tactics that aren’t retrieving results and place them on efforts that are. A mainstream analytics program can provide you with this type of information. But a lot of businesses don’t realize that there are secondary analytics programs that will gather other types of information that can provide you with finer details about your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Tracker

For starters, there are programs that are available that can help you track the success of your email marketing campaign. When you implement an email marketing tracker, you will be able to see how many of the emails that your business sent out were actually opened and home many new visitors entered your site through a link that was on your email. This is something an email marketing agency can do for you. If you wanted to get really specific with your program and really help it to become detail oriented, an email marketing campaign analytics program would even help you keep record of what subject lines had more open rates than others or which email message drew more customers into your site. With this type of information, you can see what your customers are responding to and reproduce it, so that it continues to bring your email marketing campaign success.

Copy-and-Paste Trackers

If you are concerned with trying to pinpoint what information is most useful on your website, there are also copy and paste trackers that will show you exactly what information potential customers are extracting from your content. This information can help you see what content your customers are using for referrals. If a certain portion of the content on your website is grabbing more attention than other sections, the information that is being copied or pasted is obviously more valuable, and should be highlighted to increase conversions.

There are also tools available that could help you closely monitor your social media campaign as well. Twitter leads the pack in the number of available tools that will provide you with a large amount of analytics information; Twitalyzer, Hootsuite and Tweetburner are a few of the big names that a lot of businesses already know about. These programs give you the opportunity to record “re-tweets” which will show you what information your potential customers are sharing throughout their social network. Facebook has only a few analytics programs that will allow you to track user behavior on your social media account, but the best one available was actually designed by the sight itself, Facebook Insight. This program will provide you with all of the internal information you will need to know about your Facebook account.

Monitoring every element of your website is a very important part of improving the competitiveness of your business. When you have all of the answers to your marketing questions available to you with a click of a mouse, the power of your campaign will increase exponentially. This will give your business the ability to invest marketing funds on more efficient marketing actions, which will not only save you money, but it also brings in more substantial results, which will increase your revenue. Knowing as much information as possible has never hurt anybody in the business world; not knowing important information has made the difference between businesses that continue to increase sales and business that don’t.

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