How to Get Your Email Newsletter Archived

Email2Having your subscribers archive your email newsletter is one of the best ways to keep your business fresh in their minds. When they archive your email (as opposed to just reading it and deleting it) their intention is to refer back to what you wrote for a practical reason. Each time they refer back to your email, they will think about your business and how helpful you are for providing them with the information they need. It can be a constant reminder that your business wants to support its customers, which will reinforce your reputation as the premier business in your industry. That is why every business with an email marketing campaign should target getting their email archived as much as they focus on getting click-through rates with their newsletter.

Capture Their Attention

To get your newsletter archived, you have to present your subscribers with something that is going to make them want to revisit your email again and again. The easiest way to do this is to present them with an interesting fact about your industry that they will want to refer to during a normal conversation. For example, let’s say that you have a doughnut shop and you send out an email newsletter to stay in contact with your regular customers. You could include a fact like “Americans eat over 10 billion donuts a year. That averages out to around 35 donuts per person.” Incorporate a “Did you know?” type fact that will intrigue your subscribers and get them to start talking about your products or services to their friends and family. The result could be that they archive your email as proof.

Include Something Useful

Another way to get your subscribers to archive your email is to include something useful in it. For this example, let’s say that your business offers financing for automobiles. Include a link in your email newsletter that will lead your subscribers to a section of your site with a finance calculator that will allow them to input the amount they would like to finance, the interest rate available and the terms available to find out how much they will pay each month, if they decide to purchase a vehicle. This way, while they are making a decision on which vehicle they are planning to purchase, your business’ name stays fresh in their minds.

Offer Coupons

One of the most effective ways to get subscribers to archive your email is to include a coupon code that will be acceptable for an extended period of time. Your readers will hold on to your email newsletter because they will wait for the opportunity to use the coupon code you provided for them when they complete a purchase. The email will hold its value as long as the coupon code is acceptable.

When you effectively know how to get your subscribers to archive your emails, you can be confident that they will think about your business regularly, so if the opportunity for them to make a purchase is coming up in their near future, your business will be the first name that comes to their mind.

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