How Social Media Can Assist Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email3Many businesses have email marketing campaigns to help them stay in contact with former customers and potential prospects. Email marketing campaigns can be a very effective weapon in any business’ marketing arsenal. This type of tactic allows you to keep your customers and other people who are interested in your products informed about the developments in your business and best of all, it is absolutely free. You can keep your company’s name fresh in lot of potential customer’s minds and it won’t cost your company a penny.

Social Sharing

But in order to make your email marketing campaign as effective as possible, you are going to need to try to do everything you can to not just connect with people who already know how great your products or services are, you want to be able to send your company’s name through their social networks, which will draw in completely new business. An easy way to do this is to attach a social sharing option for popular social media forums like Facebook and Twitter on your regularly sent emails.

Studies have shown that including a social sharing option on your company’s email newsletter is an easy way to increase click-through rates. In fact, it was found that adding a social sharing option to an email can increase your click-through rate by as much as 55 percent. It is a useful way to improve your business’ online presence.

This is a direct reflection of how customer referrals have evolved towards a more technologically advanced stage. No longer is getting your customers to tell their friends and family about your business the old fashioned way sufficient. Now, if you want your business’ potential to expand overnight, you are going to need to make an impact on your customer’s social media networks. This type of tactic will produce quick results, is simple to implement and most importantly, it is still absolutely free.

Why It Works

Simple math proves why this type of technique is absolutely necessary for your email marketing campaign. Let’s focus on Facebook. There are over 400 million Facebook users. Each of those users has an average of at least 130 friends in their social network. Including a social media sharing option on your company’s email newsletter can connect your business with at least 130 other potential customers, who know one of your former customers and would see this type of promotion as a personal referral of the quality of your products or services. It is a smart way to streamline your online marketing campaign, so that it retrieves your business more results.

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