What’s More E-Commerce Effective: Email or Social Media?

LaptopEven though social media might be taking the forefront on the Internet popularity race, it is still having problems completely conquering the web. Sometimes, a more proven method of promotion can bring more success for your business than cutting edge tactics will. Take for example, promoting your E-commerce site and increasing your sales.

According to a study conducted by Econsultancy, email marketing continues to deliver sufficient E-commerce leads to websites, while social media is still struggling to complete this task. One of the major reasons why social media has a problem reaching the same amount of potential clients as email marketing tactics; 37% of consumers don’t even use social networking sites at all, let alone for business leads.

Email Marketing and Mobile Search

The study involved monitoring the E-commerce behavioral patterns of 1,400 consumers scattered throughout the country. One of the most relevant findings of the study was that the increase in mobile search had a direct correlation on the success of email marketing’s benefits to E-commerce. People are carrying more mobile internet devices these days and they are constantly connected to their email accounts. This means they can be accessed more easily by a regularly sent email from a business who is interested in sharing information about new products, discounted pricing or specials. During this study, it was found that 42% of consumers were receiving ads and sales promotions through email notifications; Social media only accounted for a mere 3%.

Social Media Doubts

Social media hasn’t forged the type of consumer trust that email has had plenty of time to establish. More consumers feel comfortable with following a link to an E-commerce site that was sent to them through an email that they receive regularly. Even though social media is continuing to become more popular, people who subscribe to a business’ email newsletter have already established that they are interested in staying informed about the developments in your company. They have prequalified themselves by already completing a purchase through your business and are satisfied with your products or services enough that they want to stay in direct contact with you. As social media gains popularity and develop ways to become a more plentiful resource for increasing results for E-commerce sites, email notification will remain one of the most trustworthy ways for a business to communicate with its valued customers.

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