Email Marketing: How to Deal with Gmail’s New Layout

email marketingIf you use Gmail, you probably noticed a few months ago that the layout of the email service took on a completely different look: Instead of listing all of your emails in the order you receive them, Gmail now separates them into three tabbed categories – Primary, Social, and Promotions.

The layout seems pretty convenient for users – now all social emails, such as Facebook notifications or Twitter tweets, are in one area and all “important” emails are right on top, but the same can’t be said for marketers.

Many marketers use email marketing on a regular basis to keep in touch with their customers and promote their brand, however, many company emails are being shifted to the Promotions tab (where they aren’t seen as much). In fact, email marketing analytics company Litmus reported in October that Gmail opens were down 20% since the introduction of the tabbed layout. That means if you email 10,000 people on your email list, a whopping 2,000 of them won’t open it.

What To Do

If you’ve noticed that your email marketing numbers have dropped, there’s good about this layout: Gmail users can edit which emails are put into each tab, so even if your email has been categorized in Promotions, it can be moved to Primary. All you have to do is prompt your customers to make the switch.

Try sending them a “how to” email with directions on how to re-categorize your email. All they have to do is click on the Promotions tab, drag your email into the Primary tab, and click “Yes” to confirm that’s where they want to now receive your emails. Tailor the email to your company voice and you should see some results.

If your email list is small enough, send the emails as personal emails (which will automatically be sorted to the Primary tab). Or, offer an incentive to those who move your email to Primary – just have them send you a confirmation email that they moved it.

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