Email Marketing: How Much is Enough?

Email2Email marketing is a very effective way to stay in contact with people who are interested in your company. Businesses depend on email marketing to inform their customers of recent developments, but a lot of businesses wonder how often they should use email marketing to reach out to potential clients. Could the frequency of your emails have an impact on the success of your campaign?

Finding a Balance

Finding the perfect amount of emails to send to your potential clients in a set period of time could make a difference in the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. It is a fine line because if you send your emails too frequently, your subscribers will feel like you are spamming them and if you don’t send them frequently enough, your subscribers might lose interest in your business. But how much is too much and how much isn’t enough?

The answer to this question is: you can contact your subscribers as often as you like, as long as you are providing them with exciting information that will keep them engaged and keep them interested in your business. You could email your subscriber list 4 times a day if you would like, but it can be a difficult task for a lot of businesses to come up with content for their email newsletter that can really intrigue their readership that often. That is why standard practice for businesses that use email marketing is that they reach out to their contacts once a week. This gives your marketing department plenty of time to create emails that will be really compelling.

Keep Them Interested

You want your readership to anticipate your emails, not just view them as a staple to their inbox. Weekly contact with your subscribers will keep your business’ name fresh in the minds of your readers, plus it will give your staff plenty of time to generate impressive content that your readers will look forward to reviewing. If you have the resources to create emails more frequently, or if there is an event happening in your industry that you need to inform your readership about in real time, feel free to reach out and interact with your subscribers, but scrounging to construct emails that are uninspired and lack exciting info for the sake of simply going through the motions of staying in contact with your readers could actually work against your email marketing efforts.

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