Could Social Media Eventually Replace Email?

Facebook LogoSocial media’s online presence is a total powerhouse on the web today. Its user base grows every day as more and more people tune in to sharing information through their favorite social media forums. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few major names in the social media game that have become some of the biggest on the web by connecting people all over the world. Traditionally, these forums were conceived to be a place where people could share information with other people they know quickly. But as they grow and continue to build steam, their purpose is evolving to include many more functions.

Facebook Inboxes

It has been forecasted that social media forums will eventually replace email. Facebook already offers its user an “Inbox” feature that allows them to send messages to other users, but they are also expected to launch an entirely new email system that will connect people all over the world. Facebook is actually looking to take over a large portion of the communication market by not only providing users with “” email addresses, but also becoming a figurehead in the IM and SMS worlds as well.

The communication avenues that Facebook is expected to create will allow users to correspond with a variety of different people through many different threads. This will also give you the ability to archive your previous conversations with people and build a history that can be traced back to the original point of contact. This is appealing for businesses because it allows people to pinpoint liability in conversations on more mediums than just email.

The newly-designed Inbox will also sort your messages based on what Facebook knows about your preference for the people in your social network. It will rank the messages in your Inbox by how often you communicate with the person that has sent you the message. This way, Facebook can protect you against spam, junk mail and messages that you probably won’t care about. This feature will help businesses because users will also be allowed to set the priority level of the people in their social networks.

As Facebook’s popularity continues to soar, it will only be a matter of time before they decided to integrate their services to be able to accommodate more communicative capabilities. Expanding their abilities and giving users an all-inclusive experience is the best way for Facebook to preserve its position as an Internet icon. Evolution is the key to staying popular amongst users on the web. Facebook’s adaptability will continue to bring it success in both the social world and the business world.

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