Are You Using the Right Email Marketing Subject Lines?

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Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, many companies are still using it and are seeing great results – especially those who know what subject lines to use in order to entice their subscribers. When it comes to best practices, there are certain subject lines that work well and others that don’t. Here are some examples:

Lines to Use

Shock-and-Awe Lines

If you really want to grab someone’s attention, use a subject line that will do the work for you. Try including a shocking statistic or a statement that will surely spark some interest.

  • Your 5-Year-Old Costs More Than a Brand New Maserati
  • The Truth Behind Your Business Rankings
  • More Than 50% of Adults Were Hacked in the Last Year


Who doesn’t love humor? If you give your subscribers a good chuckle, they’re likely to return the favor by opening your email.

  • Are We Being Too Clingy?
  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Open This Email
  • This Has Nothing to Do with Male Enhancement


Lists are easy to read and can usually offer some sort of help or advice. Every once in awhile, turn your email into a list and see how well it does.

  • 10 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use
  • 6 Vacations That Cost Less Than You Think
  • 20 Little-Known Facts About Google


Chances are that people spend their spare time in the town or city that they live in, so why not offer them a localized email that you know they’ll be interested in?

  • The Best Diners in Philadelphia
  • Why Philly Is the Best City in the Northeast
  • 6 Great Summer Festivals in Philadelphia

Perfect Timing

Perfectly-timed emails can be very successful – as long as you know when to send them. For example, the first line below could be sent on a Monday morning, the second on a Thursday afternoon, and the third on a Friday morning.

  • Easy-to-Understand Deals for the Hungover
  • The Best Happy Hour Specials
  • What to Do with Your Weekend

Lines Not to Use

  • All capital letters
  • Misleading or false information
  • Grammar or spelling mistakes
  • A repetitive subject
  • Too many exclamation/question marks
  • More than 50 characters
  • “Your latest [company] newsletter”
  • Spammy words (like “act now,” “earn $,” “increase sales,” etc.)

Remember to test all of your email subject lines by writing several different ones and sending them out to sections of your subscriber list. After you track each subject line’s open rate, you can find out which one did the best and use that information to write future lines.

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