5 Email Marketing Trends to Consider

email marketingEmail marketing has been around for ages, and it’s still a popular way to keep in touch with your customers. Did you know that according to SimplyCast.com, 74% of people prefer to receive emails over any other form of marketing? If you’re trying to keep up with the latest trends, try these practices:

1. Personalized efforts

Instead of taking the usual “sales” approach, make your customers feel like they’re fully appreciated by personalizing your emails. Personalized emails boost click-through and conversion rates, and you can even set up a triggered effect where further emails are triggered by the recipient’s response.

2. Mobile-friendly campaigns

The percentage of people who own tablets and smartphones has skyrocketed in recent years, so it’s a good idea to make your email marketing campaigns mobile-ready. Your customers are more likely to be interested in (and thoroughly read) an email that can be easily read on a small screen.

3. Visualization

Black and white emails that are made up solely of content are a thing of the past. The growing popularity of things like Pinterest and Instagram have shown us that nowadays, customers enjoy colorful messages with visuals like graphics or photos. Don’t be afraid to liven your emails up a little and give your customers something to look at.

4. More content

Even though the fast pace of social media has taken the world by storm, our digital marketing agency knows that people still enjoy learning about your company and the things that are happening there. Every once in awhile, don’t be afraid to include a story about an event you’re part of or a new product you’re working on – just make sure you include a short summary for those who like getting their news fast.

5. Social media promotions

In each email, promote your company’s social media presences and encourage your customers to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more. The more ways you stay connected, the greater chance you have of positively influencing them.

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