Why Your Site Should Avoid Content Farms

content farmingCompanies in a variety of industries are always looking for an advantage when it comes to achieving results rankings on popular search engines for keywords that are relevant to their business. They realize that if they obtain favorable search positions for competitive keywords in their industry, their traffic,conversions, and sales will increase. When your website is sitting at the top of the list for search results, you get first crack at converting visitors to customers.

Relevant Content

The content on your site is a major influence on your search engine rankings. There is a complex algorithm that each search engine has to establish the credibility and relevance of your content. The more relevant your content is and the more credible search engines rate your site, the higher search engine spiders will rank your site on their search results pages. If your content meets certain technical requirements, it could bring increased rankings and traffic for the pages on your site.

But what a lot of businesses are doing is ordering overly-technical writing from content farms. Content farms are companies that hire a large amount of freelance writers to create content that only adheres to search engine algorithms. The content they create doesn’t usually make sense – it’s stuffed with keyword usages and it isn’t designed to draw in your visitors and influence them to convert to customers.  It’s just made to capture search results rankings.

The Negatives of Content Farming

Although this sounds like an easy alternative to creating content for your site, it could actually have a severely negative impact on your conversion rates, your online sales and your search rankings. When your visitors land on these pages, they are going to immediately bounce back to the search results page that referred them to your site. This will not benefit your business at all. You are going to want to utilize your search rankings to sell your products or services. You don’t want to obtain them just for the sake of having them. Farm generated content will just blast users with keyword usages.

Also, major search engines are getting better at detecting content that was formulated in a content farm. When they discover those pages on your site, they will not only just disregard them, they will also lower your site’s credibility, which will lower your traffic or they could even black list your site so that it won’t show up during searches at all. It’s a risk that is not worth taking, because if search engine users can’t find your site, you might as well not even have one.

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